Michael Smith - The Anatomy of a Spy

The Anatomy of a Spy

Why do people put their lives at risk to collect intelligence? How do intelligence services ensure that the agents they recruit do their bidding and don’t betray them? What makes the perfect spy?

Love, sex, money, patriotism, risk, adventure, revenge, compulsion, doing the right thing— focusing on the motivations, The Anatomy of a Spy presents a wealth of spy stories, some pre-viously unknown and some famous, from the very human angle of the agents themselves. The accounts of actual spying extend from ancient history to the present, and from running agents inside the Islamic State and al-Qaeda to the recent Russian active measures campaign and operations to influence votes in the United States, penetrating as far as Trump Tower if not the White House.

“A fascinating study of betrayal, the foibles and compulsions that motivated so many traitors to betray their countries and compromise classified information. Definitely an essential handbook for the layman as well as the mole hunter and counterintelligence professional.”
Nigel West

“A forensic, enthralling, and extremely accurate analysis of what motivates spies. Bags of history. Bags of intrigue. The Anatomy of a Spy is an unprecedented and instant classic.”
Matthew Dunn, former MI6 officer and author of the Spycatcher series and Ben Sign series.

“There are very few ex–intelligence officers who know their stuff better than Michael Smith. If you want to know why spies put their lives in danger, this is the book for you.”
Andy McNab, author of Bravo Two Zero and the Nick Stone thrillers.

Michael Smith, number one best-selling author