Michael Smith - No Man Dies Twice

"A powerful debut full of fear, suspense and violence"
Sebastian Rotella,
author of Rip Crew

Inspector Peter Ritter, one of the few honest detectives left in wartime Germany, is losing his grip on reality. The word on the street in the small Bavarian city of Rosenheim is that Ritter is not long for this world. He's made too many enemies with his rants against the regime and his obsession with solving crime, even when the villains are Nazi Party officials. The Gestapo track his every move. His marriage is falling apart. His only refuge is in drunken conversations with his dead father-in-law.

When the killing of a Jew is followed by the bloody and brutal stabbing of the local Gestapo chief, Ritter realizes there is far more going on than just homicide. He uncovers a plot to assassinate Hitler, with British spies fighting a turf war on his patch. Ritter is left with the stark choice of calling in the Gestapo or letting the killers succeed, in the hope that killing the Fuhrer will save the Germany he loves. No Man Dies Twice is the story of a good man struggling to retain his principles and his sanity. A man driven to the very edge of reason by the dark, evil shadow of the Nazi regime.

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Advance Praise for No Man Dies Twice

"Exceptional. Not only does Smith know his history, he also has a tremendous understanding of the intricacies of espionage and detective work. Do not miss this brilliant thriller."
Matthew Dunn, former MI6 officer, author of the Spycatcher novels

"A brandy-soaked police inspector in Nazi Germany with a faithless wife, a Gestapo nemesis, and an out-of-favor sense of justice makes this a fascinating read with a terrific sense of place. No Man Dies Twice is filled with believable characters doing their best-or worst-in this tense wartime mystery".
James R. Benn, author of the Billy Boyle World War II Mystery series

No One Dies Twice

"British journalist Smith (Killer Elite) makes his fiction debut with a gripping mystery set in Germany during WWII. Insp. Peter Ritter's superiors in the Rosenheim police aren't interested in pursuing the identity of the strangler of Hans Schinkel after they conclude that the victim was Jewish. But Ritter, whose refusal to join the Nazi Party has caused friction in his marriage, persists in investigating, intrigued by the presence on the corpse of a white rose, the symbol of German resistance to the Third Reich. His willingness to be ethically flexible to attain justice is an appropriate fit for the morally ambiguous position in which his work places him. Readers will hope to see more of Ritter."
Publishers' Weekly

"Michael Smith has crafted a riveting murder mystery that moves inexorably forward as the single-minded and principled Inspector Peter Ritter tries to solve the killings and impart his skills to an obnoxious young probationary Hitler Youth poster boy cop assigned to him. Smith takes us into an area of wartime Germany we have rarely read about before, and into the lives of characters torn by the choices war visits on individuals. A great read for all mystery buffs and World War II aficionados."
Joseph Heywood, New York Times bestselling author of The Berkut and The Domino Conspiracy

"A powerful debut full of fear, suspense, violence and geopolitical machinations, plunging us into a labyrinth of high-stakes intrigue involving the Gestapo and British spies. Michael Smith explores turf reminiscent of the historical fiction of Alan Furst and Joseph Kanon. He writes with the detail, precision and sophistication you'd expect from a top journalist and historian who also happens to be a veteran of British military intelligence."
Sebastian Rotella, author of Rip Crew